Sunday, January 8, 2017

Miss A

 I love this girl. She's my own personal buddy. I love that she says "Aaahhhhh!" when she sees a doll,  a pretty dress or a cute animal. She's a girly-girl. She loves to suck her thumb (I guess she got one thing from her Mama) and has now learned to stand up for herself. The other day, she came downstairs crying about something Willie had done to her. Suddenly she stopped, got a really determined look on her face and said, "I PUNCH! I PUNCH!" Don't mess with Ava! 💓


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Happy Fall

HAPPY FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2016

How I ended up as a homeless bum at Cracker Barrel

And now to humiliate myself...

I'm embarrassed to say that there are still so many amazing things to do in the Ozarks that we haven't touched. Cody suggested going to Lake Stockton for the afternoon one Sunday. AMAZING. There are nice days and then there are PERFECT weather days. Not even a chem trail in the sky!!

When you're from west Texas,  I don't think you ever get over that there are lakes and rivers where you can see INTO the water. No mud and no dead bodies!

We watched the sailboats and the kids played.

I decided that I'd put my feet in...then a little more and - yep - I was swimming in my clothes. Was it fun and worth it? Totally! Did I have a change of clothes? No. That would be too logical to have brought those along.

Afterward, I dried off as best as I could, and I just felt like eating some mashed potatoes and something fried. Is this the lake effect? Swim. Play. Get sunshine - then pig out!!!!!! So where do you go when you're damp, hungry and smell like the lake? Yes, Cracker Barrel.

When we got there, I went in to look around and I guess I was still so damp that I started shivering. Then I couldn't stop. I looked around and determined that I just needed to buy something to keep me warm and that didn't cost 50$. I saw the PERFECT shawl! Well, perfect until I put it on, looked down, and realized what I had done. I looked like a homeless bum. Honestly. I walked outside to where Cody and the kids were waiting and Cody looked like he was thinking: Please don't let these people think I'm with her! Then we went in, and Cody sent my sister the following text:

And for the bigger pics...

So yes, I do look like I wet my pants in the pictures.

I think the lesson in all of this is that we can all use a little humbling every once in a while! :)

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Front Room Redo

When we first moved in, the front room was a SHINY GOLD, an attempt at a faux finish on the wall. When done right, it can look pretty cool like this:

 I guess things that bug me are when people paint and don't do the small things to make it right like removing hardware and electrical covers from the walls and not putting a drop cloth down. Seriously, some pretty thick hardwood floors that the owners paid a lot of money for in this house and there was paint on the floor because of no drop cloth. Hey, I'm messy, but this was just bad. On top of it all, the paint is an oil so it doesn't come off like latex. Anyway...

This is the gold room before with the colors I was testing on the wall.

And then the fun began...

 Charismatic by Behr

The ceilings were originally a mix of texture and paint so the texture would come off when rubbed. So that meant we also had to paint the ceiling.

I think this pic is called "You're never too young to help!"

And then someone gave us a FREE couch. Yes, we love free. I was really grateful to have a couch in here but this sectional was huge, super low to sit in and just kinda swallowed the room!

I decided I wanted a cozy, inviting room when people came in. So we gave away the couch and this was seriously the amount of toys and junk under the couch!

I took my re-sale tables and decided to chalk paint and distress with a dark wax. I think Cody's mom is miffed every time she walks by. It's like she's thinking: You took perfectly good solid wood tables and junked them out to look like they sat in a barn for 50 years?! Yep, pretty much!

I told Cody that I'd like one room in the house - just one! - that doesn't have men on horses shooting people. I wanted a collage wall so I took these two paintings my mom did, and mixed them in with a few other things. I plan on adding to the collage with old family pictures.

Wreath from Goodwill
So the Before and After. I have to say, I LOVE sitting in this room now! It is wonderful and cozy!

Complete chaos pic!
And now I sneak away in here to have my beloved coffee!

Friday, September 2, 2016

5 and smiiling

So what else do you do when you're a kid in the country but build in the bed of dad's truck a cinder block house with an old piece of wood for the roof! Endless hours of fun! And look at little Miss Plump - she can now go out and play with the big boys!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Find Your Pressure Release Valve

Being a homeschooling mom is a full-time job. Being a mom to 4 VERY active boys and also having a mentally and physically challenged elderly person in the home takes patience that I think only people like a Michelle Duggar can master. A few things that have helped me in this journey over the past year are:

1. Miss S. : Love Miss S.'s attitude, patience, and kindness with everyone, but especially towards Cody's mom.

2. Staying healthy. This has probably been the best year of health ever for our family. I'm just so grateful for this! This summer I've been doing a lot of kale smoothies (love how this grows like a weed!) with kefir and banana. Throw in a few raw eggs and it keeps me full until lunch. Yay!

3. The amazing treadmill. So 10 months ago I started running 2.25 mile and since then, have increased my speed so that now I'm running 3 miles. For someone that's NOT an athlete ( What, you're shocked?! Sarcasm) this has been a major accomplishment. I can tell a HUGE difference in my energy on the days that I workout and the days I don't. Endorphins = Miracle Drug! Next year I'd like to get a good home gym off Craigslist and get some muscle. When your arm feels tired lifting the tea kettle...well, that's just SAD!

This is a full-time gig, so find your pressure release valve. For some it's:

a good book, dropping the kids off once a week at Grandma's, going to the grocery store ALONE, a project, a quiet walk, a cup of coffee in the morning, etc.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Like a Chicken on a June Bug

Ava discovered a kid's kitchen set. She was moving around so fast and so excited that it was hard for me to get a still picture. This girl melts my heart (and so does the dress she is wearing from Gymboree Outlet).

July was probably the busiest month ever. The summer months are always a mix of work around here and social things. We went to a tea party and the theme was book-inspired. I decorated my table with a Little House on the Prairie theme.

I made an apple pie with lattice work. A word of advice: lattice pie looks awesome UNTIL you cut it into slices. Then it just looks like a total crumbly mess. So, take a "before" pic!

Up next...

I've been working on chalk painting end tables and a coffee table for our living room. Gulp! It's a mix of paint, poly-acrylic and a dark wax. We shall see how this turns out!